Epping Station
Beecroft Road and Langston Place, Epping NSW 2121

Located in the heart of Epping, this station services both local residents and workers.

Epping Station platform sits at street level along Beecroft Road but below street level along Langston Place and is approximately 22 kilometres north west of Sydney CBD.
The station is centrally located within Epping’s’ retail and commercial centre, primarily servicing local residents. The main entrance to the station is via the Langston Place and secondary entrance via pedestrian bridge and stairs over Beecroft Road.
The current retail opportunities at Epping Station includes Two (2) Vending Machines located underground between platforms 5 and 6.

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Epping Station Retail Opportunities

2x Vending Machines

Vending Machine: VM01

Service Provisions:

  • Power – Double GPO, Ten (10) amp supply


Vending Machine: VM02

Service Provisions:

  • Power – Double GPO, Ten (10) amp supply


The following retail and related activities are not permitted: Cooking of hot foods in oil;

Sale of open alcohol products for immediate consumption; and Sale restricted goods or materials.

To register your interest and apply for the Sydney Metro Northwest retail opportunities, please fill out both of the below forms.

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